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Default Re: Low-Res Movie Download Services - Destroyers of the Home Theater Viewing Experien

Netflix isn't there on quality but they have arrived at the perfect model. All the movies I want ready to go for $9 a month, and there's like over 6k of them. It's good for old movies, documentaries and tv shows that aren't going to look all that great on dvd anyways. I'm not going to watch a movie on it but it's nice to have. Plus I can watch it on my laptop in a hotel room. I have Netflix streaming through my 360 into my living room and works/looks great on the media center interface. It's not quite dvd quality but better than I thought it would be. Well, I'll put it this way: it looks similar to watching a dvd on a non-upconverting dvd player vs watching it on my upconverting xbox 360.

I'm watching this on a 720P Samsung Plasma btw.
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