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Default Re: Favorite classic audio gear?

I sat down last week and put some of my old vinyl LP's on the Linn. I turned up the AM1200 Quad and listened to my DQ-10's. "Siegfied's Funeral March" (from Wagner's "Dei Götterdämmerung") made the hairs all over stand on end. The horns and deep bass strings were truly haunting in the very literal sense of the word. You could feel the solemnity in the air. Later, to listen to G.F.Handel's Coronation Anthems, especially the opening chorus of "Zadok the Priest", and hear the several parts of the choir and to be able to separate them across and into the soundstage was pure pleasure in the music. I enjoy greatly taking the time to sit quietly and sink deep down into the music whilst still maintaining a critical ear.

I read with interest "jhidinger's" note that he also found the Dahlquist DQ-10's a bit lifeless at lower levels. That is where my Gale Gold Monitor Mk II's come in. Julie London singing "Black Coffee" or "Come on Over to My Place" or especially "Cry Me a River" at lower levels make you think she is sitting right in front of you and singing to you alone.

As an aside, my Dahlquists are non-mirrored and apart from replacing the foam roll surrounds on the bass drivers four years ago, are totally original. I have tried several times to contact Regnar regarding the upgrade available for the DQ-10's but so far without success. Has anybody done the upgrade and how much difference did it make? And was any difference for the better or worse? And with our currencies approaching parity, I hope that it will now fall into afforability.

Happy Listening!

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