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Default Re: Low-Res Movie Download Services - Destroyers of the Home Theater Viewing Experien

I fully agree to all said so far.

That said, there's hope. Currently, VUDU is on the market on a per-movie charge. Granted, it's HD offerings are -almost- Blu-ray quality, and it's SD ones are as good as DVD, without a PC required. The drawback isn't the fault of the machine/service; it's the lawyers/industry that won't let the legally purchased movie be transferred across media [disk-drive to disc, etc].

Most recently (this week) is the Netflix $99 offering, which is 'HD-enabled' but at a flat monthly charge (for now). Also is the drawback that it does not include new releases, unlike VUDU, and it needs the PC to queue up the movie you want to watch. VUDU eliminates this, but there's the price premium for that.

However, here's where it's going. FIOS.

Once fiber-to-the-door is mass market (~2 years?), we'll have Blu-ray quality on-demand with flat 'bargains' I'm sure the content-providers will prevent(!) to get their $$$$, but easy-access movies without extra boxes and remote controls and separate bills.

Goodbye VUDU, Netflix and PC downloads?

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