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Default Re: LCD VsDLP projectors


I agree with most of your points, but a quick check with NexTag showed these DLP 1080P models for under $3K street price:

BenQ W5000 $2279 at Abe's of Maine, $2499 at Visual Apex
InFocus X10 $2599-2619 at two sellers I've never heard of
BenQ W9000 $2444-2769 at three sellers I've never heard of
BenQ W10000 $2644-3729, one of them was Abe's of Maine and not the $3729 price

An Optoma HD-803 can be had easily in the $2500-2600 range.

I think there should be more DLP offerings at this price point and with newer TI chipsets,
but we have to remember that 1080P projectors haven't been around very long and have
already had a huge price slide, so I think it's early to rule out DLP yet at the lowest price

There is no doubt that to pay over $2500-3000 will mean taking a big hit at resale time,
but this has always been the case for digital projectors, it's just worse now.

I agree that a projector can be too bright, and most of those don't have good CR. It's important to remember that a bulb drops down in output pretty quickly, so a 450 lumen
projector can drop down to 300 lumens or 250 lumens at a few hundred hours.

I also think the prices of the bulbs are ridiculous and never seem to last the hours they
are rated for. I am looking forward to LED based projectors.

What seems clear to me is that for those looking for a bright, sharp, lightweight, but not
necessarily the most flexible in placement options, projector, DLP needs to be considered
at any price point.
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