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Default Re: LCD VsDLP projectors

As you've probably already noticed, as soon as you ask questions like those you've posed, you'll immediately receive many replies, often very opinionated, often very contradictory. In my personal opinion, the best solution for you will be what fits into your specific environment (light control, dimensions, acoustics), works well with your budget, and most of all, looks good to you. I went through the same questioning that you did, asked many questions, looked at as many video specialist theaters as possible, checked my funds one more time, and went for the combination that appealed to me. The results were far better than I had expected, the systems was self-installed, and I found the installation and adjustment process simpler than I expected. It's always difficult to compare home theaters side-by-side, but I like my installation better than any I saw, costing many times more. It really doesn't matter what I chose, since you'll immediately hear that everything I bought is total junk, but after comparing every major brand of screen, and projector, and receiver in my price range, I chose Carada for the screen (outstanding assembly quality ease of installation, and to my eyes (with the 1.4 gain 102" white screen), viewing quality), a Panasonic AE2000 projector, Panasonic BluRay, Toshiba HD DVD, Yamaha speakers and V-1800 receiver. I love the results, and the only down-side is that I spend far more time in my projector room than I ever planned to, and rarely venture into my dedicated TV room with its tiny 53" screen. The only advice I can offer is to read as much as possible, see as many installations as possible, and believe your own eyes, and not everything that sales people and forum experts tell you. Good luck in your search!
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