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Default Re: LCD VsDLP projectors

Originally Posted by Alfredino View Post

You make some good points. There is no doubt that TI is up against it and should consider
lowering their chip pricing in the ultra competitive projector market, but the fact remains that
1080p DLP projectors can be had for under $3000. Whether you think they are good enough
wasn't the original point.

I find the JVC LCOS projectors to be very compelling as far as full field blacks. Unfortunately, the other image artifacts that I saw in the RS-1, but happily not so much in the RS-2, made me go to DLP. I feel that my DLP throws the sharpest, brightest, most three dimensional image available.

I own an Optoma HD81-LV which is incredibly bright, over 1000 lumens after D65 calibration.
An RS-2 is more like 600 lumens. My 2:35:1 Stewart Studiotek 1.3 gain screen is only 100"
wide, yet I wouldn't want to give up 40% or more light output by going to an RS-2. For the
same price as an RS-2, I feel I've got a brighter, sharper image, accurate color, no convergence or white/black shading errors.

Having said that, I'm sure that I could be very happy with an RS-2, the blacks are the most
CRT like I've ever seen in a front projector, and am happy that there is such amazing progress being made in projector quality and lower pricing at such a rapid pace. Every home theater enthusiast benefits from the technology race and if you think one technology has an edge today, don't worry, that will change tomorrow.
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