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Default UltraPower Releases the PS-103 Surge and Power Protection for your AV Gear

ULTRAPOWER®, a division of Ultralink/XLO Products, Incorporated, announces the introduction of the POWERSOURCE™ PS-103 to their ULTRAPOWER® line of AC power management and surge protection products. The PS-103 is rated at 1,080 Joules and provides an energy absorbing "shield" around components connected to the device, protecting them from dangerous and polluted conditions that can affect performance and even cause long term damage.

The POWERSOURCE™ PS-103 features three AC outlets with high frequency filtering to reduce EMI/RFI interference and other noise in the AC line. One of the AC outlets rotates at a 90-degree angle to accommodate plugs that will not fit in the two fixed outlets on either side of PS-103. Additionally, two bi-directional, RF coaxial connectors are included to protect cable TV/DSS signals against surges and spikes. These outlets also rotate 90-degrees for easy installation.

ULTRAPOWER’s proprietary X3™ MOV technology provides common and normal mode protection from high-energy spikes. Unique and distinctive Fail-Open Safety Shutdown Circuitry is an advance feature that automatically cuts off power to connected components in the event of a catastrophic surge.

All ULTRAPOWER® products are an integral part of the ULTRALINK SDS™ (Signal Delivery System™). The connection of every component within a system can be the most pervasive element because when the cables, wire or power management system is inferior. AC power can be polluted causing poor performance and can even result in damaged equipment. A complete ULTRALINK SDS™ ensures full performance of every component for the ultimate in picture and sound.

The ULTRAPOWER® PS-103 is UL and CSA listed as well as ROHS compliant for protecting the environment. It is currently available with an MSRP of $49.95 from authorized Ultralink distributors, retailers and custom installers. is offline   Reply With Quote