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Default Re: Pairing Amps with Speakers

I finally purchased an HTIB - Onkyo ST-S3100. Dealer installed it in my house - not sure what all settings they did as I was not home around at that time.

Got it for INR 20k, approx US$500. In this deal I got a free DVD player DVP-NS57P. I thought I would buy an upscaling DVD player, or maybe no separate player and just a PS3. There was no exchange/ upgrade option available for this free DVD so I had to keep it. It does look good, though it might be a little outdated. I hooked it to the receiver via optical digital link for audio, while the component video goes directly into my current 29" LG Flatron CRT. Not sure if component is any use as my TV can’t play progressive. This setup is sufficient for this room which is about 12-14 ft wide, and maybe 16-18 feet deep. Seating is at 7-8 ft from the TV. Front wall mounted speakers are at about 8 feet from each other and 5 feet high. Center is in the center – 3 feet high, below the TV, on top of the DVD, that in turn sits on top of the amp. Surrounds are 12 feet apart wall mounted, and facing the seating at ear level.

This being my first home theatre system - it sounds good for my ears. Till now I have tested it only for movies. I watched Transformers and Bourne Identity on DVD. I think both have got good sound tracks. I was watching BI late at night so the volume level was down. The subtitles kept telling me what effects I am missing out at lower volumes (yes - there are subtitles for car tyres screaching) - so I increased the volume for a short period and I could hear all those effects.

Question – when I selected DTS track on DVD, set the DTS to be ON in the DVD player. Onkyo “DISPLAY” showed DTS :3/2.1 I set Onkyo to Direct listening mode. Who is doing the DTS decoding in this case? The DVD player or the Onkyo? My guess is onkyo but just want to confirm. However, my earlier understanding was that in the Direct mode, the receiver doesn’t do any manipulation of the signal and just passes it through to the speakers. Sounds like a contradiction here. Please help.
While flipping through the Listening modes, besides the "Direct" mode, there is another option of "DTS" - does it mean that decoding is actually being done by the DVD player and in direct mode receiver is just acting as an amp and no processing? What happens in the case I turn DTS on?


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