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Cool Re: Favorite classic audio gear?

Originally Posted by Merton View Post
Back in college I lived in a moldy $30/month room in the basement of our frat house. Had a waterbed and my art collection was a giant map of the Mississippi River covering the wall.

But... I had double Advents (walnut) and a Dynaco Stereo 400 amp (with VU meters!) that I built from a kit. Philips 212 tt and Shure V-15III. The pre was a Pioneer Spec 1. I had a few of the non-science majors convinced that the big preamp volume knob was required because it was "geared low" to handle the 200 wpc power amp.

I later replaced the Spec 1 with a Quad 33 and the double Advents with Infinity 2000 AXT's. The AXT's had Walsh tweeters as opposed to the electrostatic 2000A's. I kept blowing the voice coils on the Walsh tweeters until I learned to rewind them with heavier wire. I did all the calculations of wire gauge/# turns/inductance/coil momentum, etc. They quit blowing but sounded like crap. I don't see how the AXT's could have shared the number 2000 with the A's. I'd still like to find a pair of the electrostats.

Post graduate apartment life brought Maggie MG-2's, DCM Time Windows and later some Tympani 1-D's. My then-girlfriend hated them because of their size, so I replaced them with Kef 104.2's, which I still have (with Sunfire sub). And yes, I married the girlfriend and she's still putting up with me 20 years later.

In the basement I have a pair of Snell Type C II's powered by an AES SET-1 tube amp with WE 300B tubes. Control is by an Adcom 565 preamp; sources are an Adcom cd changer and a Luxman turntable with Grado cartridge & Creek Audio pre-pre. This system still excites me more than the main HT system upstairs.

Snell C-II's excellent speakers!!!!
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