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Default Re: Low-Res Movie Download Services - Destroyers of the Home Theater Viewing Experien

I totally agree. We have all this technology and yet we are reverting back into our shell. While it was the mp3 technology that regressed music, Apple perpetuated it with mp3 hardware. I'm not saying I don't like my iPod. It is great for on the go listening. But when people make it their "premium" music system, that is just absurd.

Now, the same is happening to video. iPod video took resolutions down to something like 320x240 for on the go viewing. Fine. But then distributors think they can get away with releasing it mainstream. I am truly afraid that Media Center PCs are going to destroy home theater video/audio viewing if this is the resolution that they are going to be offering. I have always been a fan of having media. It gives me a comfort unlike store the files on a hard drive that is guaranteed to crash. The larger the hard drive the shorter the lifespan. Buy to burn to DVD, now that is just a joke. So you're telling my to buy this crappy resolution movie, with a stereo soundtrack for 19.95 and then burn it to a DVD. How does that make any sense whatsoever? You can go buy the full res movie for far less than that. And you don't have to wait and download 1.5GB! Come on people. Let's wake up and lead the revolution to bring back premium home theater viewing.
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