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Default Re: LCD VsDLP projectors

Originally Posted by Alfredino View Post
I'm not the one who dismissed an extremely well regarded, popular technology out of hand, the technology used most often in high-end applications.
Right, but 95% of the people who buy a projector don't fall in that category. So it makes your point moot. I've already said if you want a BIG picture you buy DLP. LCD & LCOS can't compare with DLP for big pictures. My DLP has 9000 ANSI Lumen output. Most people checking this thread aren't going to need that kind of power. Anyone dealing with high-end applications will be getting a DLP anyway and won't bother to look here.

Indeed. Funny how you forgot to mention motion blur in your earlier dissertations of the
various technologies flaws. Rainbows affect a very small percentage of the population.
Convergence, blurring, softness, CA, white field, black field uniformity issues can be there
all the time, every time with LCD based panels.
It's not a problem with every LCD based unit. Therefor I'm not going to mention it. "Rainbow Effect," is an issue with EVERY single chip DLP no matter how fast the color wheel. Also close to 50% of people can "notice," rainbow effect. If it's pointed out to them, there are certain people who will always notice it and that might drive them nuts. Close to 15% of people however get serious viewer fatigue from the rainbow effect, causing massive headaches.

I have looked, even the RS-2 hasn't gotten there yet, as you just noted. Sharp enough
may be okay for you, but don't assume it's good enough for others--not those who've seen
good DLP projectors. I know a lot of people who had DLP, bought an RS-1 and sold it, only
to go back to a DLP projector. I'm sure there are many who are quite happy with the RS-1
or VW-50, VW-100. Depends on image quality priorities. Contrast performance of the JVC's
and newest SXRD's is extremely good.
Here is where you lose me. I don't think SXRDs have good contrast performance at all in comparison to a nice DLP or JVC unit. They all use auto iris tricks, and these iris are not fast enough to do a truly good job. I also find it hard to believe you know "a lot," of people who traded DLPs for an RS-1 and then back. I find that statement so hard to believe in fact, it makes the rest of what you say extremely questionable.

Maybe not from viewing distance, but it doesn't mean it's not there. I had CRT projectors
for years, happy to get away from convergence issues with single chip DLP. YMMV.
All that matters is viewing distance. Seriously. Who cares if you see a screen door effect or some stupid problem if you're inches away from the screen? You don't watch movies that way. It's pointless.

I didn't specifiy JVC in this case, certainly Sony and other LCD brands use auto iris.
Sure, but auto iris really can't provide truly great contrast performance. So units like the JVC which don't are that much better because of it. Because the HD-ILA is also so sharp (the RS-2 in particular) it can provide the 3D look so many people like. It however isn't overly sharp which looks bad with film.

No, most of the people complaining on sites like AVS Forum are very knowledgeable, long
time enthusiasts whose expertise is at least as good as any of the reviewers.
These must be the same people to have claimed to have switched that you know a lot of. AVS Forum is a place to go to have people fool you. My god that place has users promoting Caradas screens! It's a horrible place to get information unless you know which few posters aren't full of it. AVS is full of knowledgable liars. There are so many people that post there and WORK for TI, etc. it's tainted. Many of the posters are industry people in one way or another and have extremely biased points of view.

Already proven wrong--a BenQ W5000 can be bought for under $2500 any day of the week.
It is not considered to be a piece of junk.
The BenQ W5000 has an MSRP of $4995. It falls off the back of a truck a lot, and on the internet can be had for $2444 (cheapest I found googling). This isn't a "street," price it's an internet price. Local dealers will not be selling the unit that cheap ($3,500 is common). It's also an HDMI 1.2 unit.

PQ wise though the W5000 is NICE, but for a decent sized screen it lacks the simplicity of placement that the Epson currently offers.

You can't have it both ways. You say more than $2500 is the point of diminishing returns,
yet you'll spend three times that on an RS-2.
I actually spent 100 times that for my HT. What I find important is not what others will find important. I can readily admit that $2500 is the point of diminishing returns. It just so happens I like having the best in audio and video.

I think we're all very fortunate to be able to have so many amazing projectors at such low
price points compared to just a couple of years ago, no matter the technology.
This is true. However imho you don't really start benefiting from DLP until you spend $5000 or more. The truly nice units cost over $10,000. In all honesty for MOST people there isn't justification for spending more than $2,500.
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