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Default Re: LCD VsDLP projectors

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
Right but your proclamations are gospel I suppose.
I'm not the one who dismissed an extremely well regarded, popular technology out of hand,
the technology used most often in high-end applications.

Ok so "$2k range," means "under $3000," to you.

I've never quoted Art from Projector Reviews. I based my opinion on my own tests. Plus what I've read from EVERYONE else.
You're right, that's the link that other posters have listed.

There is zero rainbow effect atrributable to LCD.
Indeed. Funny how you forgot to mention motion blur in your earlier dissertations of the
various technologies flaws. Rainbows affect a very small percentage of the population.
Convergence, blurring, softness, CA, white field, black field uniformity issues can be there
all the time, every time with LCD based panels.

You've likely yet to look. While the RS-2 might not be as sharp as many DLPs out there, it is sharp enough and combined with the contrast performance, etc. is amazing.
I have looked, even the RS-2 hasn't gotten there yet, as you just noted. Sharp enough
may be okay for you, but don't assume it's good enough for others--not those who've seen
good DLP projectors. I know a lot of people who had DLP, bought an RS-1 and sold it, only
to go back to a DLP projector. I'm sure there are many who are quite happy with the RS-1
or VW-50, VW-100. Depends on image quality priorities. Contrast performance of the JVC's
and newest SXRD's is extremely good.

Is this error noticable on all these units? Should I take back my Runco? Please.
Maybe not from viewing distance, but it doesn't mean it's not there. I had CRT projectors
for years, happy to get away from convergence issues with single chip DLP. YMMV.

The RS2 has higher ratings than that. Sorry.
Good to know. I was so disappointed with the RS-1 after all the hype that I haven't kept
up with the RS-2 specs.

Are the JVC units using an Auto Iris?
I didn't specifiy JVC in this case, certainly Sony and other LCD brands use auto iris.

True it's useless in anamorphic setups, but the RS-2 is not. As to the rest of your statement I call BS. I've run my own tests, and the RS-1 is pretty accurate, and definitely one of the most accurate in its price range. It even comes out of the box more accurate than the competition. Most of the people complaining on those sites are people with a reason to bitch: they're generally dealers totally in bed with DLP.
No, most of the people complaining on sites like AVS Forum are very knowledgeable, long
time enthusiasts whose expertise is at least as good as any of the reviewers.

Right, but since my opinion seems to be shared by the majority of professionals I'll just learn to live with my opinion.
I've been a Director of Photography for over 25 years. I'd count myself as a professional.
I've had front projection systems since 1993, HD sources since 1999.

Arrogance? Maybe. Ignorance? Hardly.

I could just as easily call you arrogant, etc. for your DLP obsession. I stand by the fact that DLP is out of the conversation due to PRICE.
Already proven wrong--a BenQ W5000 can be bought for under $2500 any day of the week.
It is not considered to be a piece of junk.

The 3 units you mentioned aren't good DLP units. Yet the $2,500 Epson is a GOOD LCD unit. To get the true benefits of DLP you have to spend too much money. As one poster here stated there is little reason to spend more than $2500.

The point of diminishing returns is easily that $2500 price point. While I personally believe the RS-2 is worth every extra penny, it isn't for everyone. Maybe things will change and DLP will get a nice projector under $3,000. Until then we just wait.
You can't have it both ways. You say more than $2500 is the point of diminishing returns,
yet you'll spend three times that on an RS-2.

I think we're all very fortunate to be able to have so many amazing projectors at such low
price points compared to just a couple of years ago, no matter the technology.

I am not DLP obsessed, I'm just enamored with the sharpest(non-artificially enhanced)
brightest, most three dimensional image I can afford that doesn't have optical issues, convergence and white/black field uniformity problems or overall softness. I get that with single chip DLP, even though it has its own set of issues/compromises.
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