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Default Re: LCD VsDLP projectors

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
So the RS-1 at my friend's house that is ISF calibrated and color accuracy is amazing is make believe? The fact that it won every award for best projector between either $3500 and $10000 or $5k to $10k, etc. was because DLP was superior? The fact that I've compared the units side by side and I personally find the RS-1 superior (last year) was what my error that just happened to be agreed with by the majority of reviewers out there?

There are 1080p DLP projectors in the $2k range? Really? Care to enlighten us on them?

The RS-1's replacement, the RS-1X, is better without any convergence issues with component inputs (like the RS-1 had). As for DLPs having better ANSI contrast, and better mixed field contrasts... that is news to me and all my firm's test results. The RS-1 wasn't perfect, but the RS-1X is an improvement on the RS-1. The RS-2 is about the most film like projector you can buy, period.

10% is a lot of people that suffer from Rainbow Effect. Since the new infocus IN83 has a 4X color wheel, even the aggressively priced 1080p darkchip4 units have issues.

Motion Blur can be an issue on many lower priced LCD units. It is slightly noticable on the SXRD units, but even less so on HD-ILA units.

I stand by the statement that DLP is out of the conversation due to PRICE.
Lotus, while I'm sure you take your proclamations from the mound seriously, it doesn't make
them so.

A few examples of 1080P DLP projectors that sell for under $3000:

Optoma HD80
Infocus X10
BenQ W5000

Here is what my eyes tell me, and I don't need reviewers to help me see what I should see:
(Art from Projector Reviews is a nice guy, but not very technical)

There is zero motion blur attributable to DLP chips, unlike all the LCD based displays.

I've yet to see an SXRD or DILA projector that is as sharp as DLP single or 3 chip projectors.

All three chip, whether LCD/SXRD/DILA or DLP have convergence error. Correction circuits
cannot correct non-linear errors.

Compare the ANSI contrast of the best DLP projectors to the SXRD or DILA projectors, DLP
can have an ANSI contrast of 600-800:1 vs. about 250-550:1 for the LCD based units.

DLP projectors don' exhibit the highlight compression that LCD based projectors with auto
iris often exhibit, yielding a better mixed field contrast ratio.

The oversaturated, inaccurate primary and secondary colors of the RS-1 are well documented on the more technical sites and are not completely correctable, no matter
how experienced the ISF tech. It is also useless in anamorphic lens setups.

Don't get me wrong, I saw an RS-2 just last week and felt that it had fantastic blacks, a
very natural image, anybody would be happy with the projector. But it still didn't have
the three dimensional image and sharpness that good DLP projectors offer, IMO.

I rather like the fact that I can go to a commercial digital theater and watch a movie
displayed with DLP technology and then go home and get a similar experience. Your
idea of "filmlike" and mine are not the same--to me soft does not equal filmlike.

You have your preferences, I have mine. I would never proclaim that one technology "is
out of the conversation". That just exudes a combination of arrogance and ignorance.
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