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Default Re: LCD VsDLP projectors

Originally Posted by Alfredino View Post
A good single chip DLP vs. the JVC RS-1 has the advantage of no convergence error, better
flat field linearity, better mixed field contrast, sharper image, often a better ANSI contrast. The RS-1 cannot be calibrated for accurate color, lens has more CA issues than a simple limited zoom range single chip DLP projector. DLP does not suffer from motion blur, unlike LCD/SXRD/DILA, no burn in either.

90% + of the population does NOT see rainbows, and this number is going up with the new
high speed, six segment color wheels. There are DLP projectors available in the $2K range.

There is a reason why DLP projectors are the most popular, particularly in higher end home
theaters and for commercial digital theaters.
So the RS-1 at my friend's house that is ISF calibrated and color accuracy is amazing is make believe? The fact that it won every award for best projector between either $3500 and $10000 or $5k to $10k, etc. was because DLP was superior? The fact that I've compared the units side by side and I personally find the RS-1 superior (last year) was what my error that just happened to be agreed with by the majority of reviewers out there?

There are 1080p DLP projectors in the $2k range? Really? Care to enlighten us on them?

The RS-1's replacement, the RS-1X, is better without any convergence issues with component inputs (like the RS-1 had). As for DLPs having better ANSI contrast, and better mixed field contrasts... that is news to me and all my firm's test results. The RS-1 wasn't perfect, but the RS-1X is an improvement on the RS-1. The RS-2 is about the most film like projector you can buy, period.

If you want to start talking about $35,000+ projectors that is an entirely different arguement. I love my Runco, and it cost as much as my first house. I don't think it belongs in the same conversation as such. Also I don't think people here are interested in getting a commercial digital theater. So I didn't even bother to put that in the comparison.

10% is a lot of people that suffer from Rainbow Effect. Since the new infocus IN83 has a 4X color wheel, even the aggressively priced 1080p darkchip4 units have issues.

Motion Blur can be an issue on many lower priced LCD units. It is slightly noticable on the SXRD units, but even less so on HD-ILA units.

I stand by the statement that DLP is out of the conversation due to PRICE.
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