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Default Re: LCD VsDLP projectors

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
It isn't like LCD vs Plasma where Plasma does some things better, right now DLP isn't doing much better, and it costs too much.
A good single chip DLP vs. the JVC RS-1 has the advantage of no convergence error, better
flat field linearity, better mixed field contrast, sharper image, often a better ANSI contrast. The RS-1 cannot be calibrated for accurate color, lens has more CA issues than a simple limited zoom range single chip DLP projector. DLP does not suffer from motion blur, unlike LCD/SXRD/DILA, no burn in either.

90% + of the population does NOT see rainbows, and this number is going up with the new
high speed, six segment color wheels. There are DLP projectors available in the $2K range.

There is a reason why DLP projectors are the most popular, particularly in higher end home
theaters and for commercial digital theaters.
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