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Default Re: Denon Press Line Show 2008 Overview

I hope they make a more concerted effort to get the firmware in line.

I just applied a firmware upgrade to my Denon Blu-ray 2800 transport that addressed 32 known issues. One of these was proper handling of DB level to the sub. Through investigation, which included talking to Denon support, the glitch was causing a reduction in DB level for the sub signal (on PCM signals only).

In another thread, Ken noticed where the Denon was significantly better in the bass vs. the PS3, and I was finding the opposite to be true. After the firmware upgrade, I'm now finding that the bass is better as well. I have a very early unit, where he has a newer one that probably has the upgrade. The video on the Denon also improved after the upgrade, and the discs that previously had playback problems now work.

It really does add an additional wrinkle to evaluating these players. You now not only have to worry about which player, but what firmware level you are at. I want to see reviews on the latest and greatest players, but after this, how do you know whether a player that is not quite on par with others (after an early review) is related to player issues and not firmware issues that can be addressed and corrected.

You almost have to let the player "marinate" in the market for a while so the kinks can be worked out. It is not a fun process for the early buyers that have to find the issues.

My PS3, on the other hand, has had no issues. I wonder how this firmware works. Is each manufacturer having to start from scratch? The DB level for a PCM channel seems pretty basic to me. Is the PS3 more stable because Sony is the originator of the format, because they test their firmware better, because the disc manufacturers are using Sony products to test their software or some combination?

It would be real interesting to find out how the whole firmware process works.
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