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Default Re: LCD VsDLP projectors

Originally Posted by Enoch View Post
My 2 cents: I'm sick of DLP being dismissed out-of-hand with one word, "rainbow effect." Okay, two words. But since I don't notice it, and many others don't either, it needs to be taken much more seriously as it looks, to me, ALOT better than LCD.
This is true. Not everyone suffers from fatigue caused by the Rainbow Effect. However it doesn't stop the fact that the least expensive 1080p DLP is $3,000 and it DOESN'T compete well with the SXRD and LCD units that are priced similarly.

I really dig some DLP projectors, but they cost an absurd amount in comparison to their competition. The new Infocus In83 is really nice. It just costs the same as a JVC RS-1X. Which it also can't compete with in PQ. There is a nice $8,000 unit, but then that unit is up against the JVC RS-2, which again they can't compete with.

I dismiss DLP with one word: PRICE.

The sad situation for Texas Instruments is that their Technology is losing the battle because the price of entry is too much.

I may love the new Marantz unit for its PQ, but for thousands and thousands less I can buy an RS-2 and be extremely happy.

I also absolutely LOVE 3 chip DLP. The PQ can be amazing. It's just not priced for the general public at all.
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