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Default Re: China enters Blu-ray market

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
I doubt it. The cheapest 2.0 player is going to be what $500?

Say what you will but HD-DVD being gone has HURT consumers. There isn't a huge wave of more movies being released on BD, and prices are quite honestly outragious. If HD-DVD was still around, BD would still just lack 2 studios, and their prices would be a lot more competitive.

The Chinese manufacturers have no plans of low priced players to my knowledge. I've been hearing $300 or so for them. Which is no where near where they would be if HD-DVD was around.

To all the people that thought 2 formats was bad, how much better are we now? It sure doesn't look that good.
I'm not sure about 2.0 players by Christmas either. The Magnavox at Walmart is the cheapest non-PC BD player out at 298.00. Insigna (BB) is now selling its 1.1 profile intro player at $349 (no 5.1 analog outs, it will bitstream and it does decode TrueHD). $50 more dollars you could have a PS3. Seems that no one wants to leave that precious 300+ price point...yet.

Christmas will be interesting...Father's Days should give us some early indications on which way prices are headed. I'm already set, 2.0, Analog outs yada, yada, yada... not worried what happens. I'm standing pat.
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