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Default Re: China enters Blu-ray market

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
You are delusional if you think that. The 3 we know about are priced at $250 and aren't 2.0 units. How that means $100 players by Christmas is just insane. They have no reason to price them that low. They have no competition.

Your further delusions now also seems to appear to be revisionist history.

FACT: BD Standalone players sold extremely well during the X-Mas season, and according to WB was the deciding factor for them. They said it. They didn't say it was the PS3. They didn't say it was the software sales (because the software sales WEREN'T there, if it was based on software we'd all be talking about HD-DVD today). They said it was the stand alone player sales.

Again we know of 3 BD players from China and price points, and they are 1.1 units and $250. How that means a $100 to $200 player by Christmas is crazy talk.

We may see 2.0 units at $300 this christmas. That btw is a crime.
Well I see you haven't changed at all from when you got mad & left the site!
While I don't care enough to go back & look for it I think WB did state the PS3 was a factor in it's decision to go Blu.

Anyway, the "3 we know about now" don't really matter much in your argument since there are 8 more "we" don't know about & Christmas is still 7 months away!
The $100-$200 will most likely be 1.1 players since J6P probably doesn't care about online connectivity & will get firmware updates from the Blu-Ray movies themselves.
& since I'm calling my predictions guesses I can be as delusional as I Damn well please!
It's not as if I'm presenting them as facts like some people!
I think more of my guesses have been proved right than your "facts" have anyway!

For me you won't see a Chinese name brand player in my house & I will get 2.0, not for the connectivity (but getting new trailers will be nice) it's because with the PS3 I'm used to getting my firmware updates online & I think the ethernet port makes it more future proof.
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