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Default Re: Are Plasma HDTVs On Their Way Out the Door?

Can we really say that there is a non-LED LCD that comes close to a KURO or even the new Panasonics in overall PQ?

Plasmas may be on the way out, but a lot of that has been from greed. Fujitsu for instance relied too long on high price points. Then the numbers dropped on them. Rather than lower the price point, they remained greedy, and the result is they are out of the plasma business.

Pioneer has always been strong in market shares with their plasmas. I don't see this going anywhere unless the Panasonic versions of their sets are a step back. The new Pannies appear to rock (the Panasonic labeled plasmas) and thus I think Pioneer should hold their market share. Installers LOVE their pioneer elites and I don't see a switch to LCD anytime soon. Although the LED LCDs by Samsung are getting attention from installers.
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