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Default Re: Favorite classic audio gear?

Originally Posted by Mcintosh Man View Post
My favorites audio gear, unfortunately I do not own anymore (kick me now somebody)

Mc Intosh Mc30 (Mono Blocks Tube Power Amplifier)
Mc Intosh Mc60 (Mono Blocks Tube Power Amplifier)
Leak Point One Stereo 25 (Stereo Tube Power Amplifier)
Leak Point One Stereo 50 (Stereo Tube Power Amplifier)
Dynaco Stereo 70 (Stereo Power Amplifier)
Dynaco Mark III (Mono Blocks Tube Power Amplifier)

Heathkit AA-100 (Integrated Tube Amplifier)

Mc Intosh C28 (Stereo Preamplifier)
Soundcraftmen PE2217 (Preamplifier-Equalizer)

KLH Model 19 (FM Tuner)
Dynaco FM5 (FM Tuner)
Fisher Model 80 (Mono FM Tube Tuner)

Altec-Lansing Voice of the Theater (Huge Speakers) ... I let them go 3 years ago
Wharfedale Model W30 (Loudspeakers with sand-filled back panels)
Electro-Voice Patrician (my father's when I was a kid)

Superb system. Next to Andrew Robinson, I`m a big Mcintosh fan as well. Rock solid as they are. Dynaco amps I used for deejaying. They took a lot of abuse and kept on playing. I started a Dynaco thread a few weeks ago, where was everyone..........

Anyway, its nice to see people with the same tastes!!
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