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Cool DirecTV Media Share PC

There is a new feature coming to DirecTV, Media Share PC.
With this feature you can stream your recorded shows from your DVR to your computer.

At this time it's in Beta & only works on the HR20-700 HD DVR & you need a good graphics card & a pretty fast processor & plenty of RAM.
I don't know what the final release will look like but right now it's only recorded shows in your play list that can be watched not a live show, you can however start a recording on your DVR & watch it in real time as you are recording it.
I've been playing with it for a couple of weeks & it's working pretty well, I can watch a show on my computer even while the girlfriend is watching another recorded show on the TV.
There is still some bugs to be worked out but I can see this being a handy feature for a lot of people.

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