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Default Re: Favorite classic audio gear?


Old Mac, Dynaco!! Awesome!

The first 'real' piece of high end audio gear I ever bought was a Pioneer integrated with 60 wpc and dual VU meters, powering home made speakers. I went up through the HK line of integrated amps, PM 640, PM 660 (If I remember right) and I had their EQ 8 (wish I had kept this!)

The first speakers my brother and I ever bought were Cerwin Vega's (didn't everyone own or know someone who owned a pair of these??) Huge woofers and horn tweeters, efficient and harsh as hell, but made for great volume in HS!

By high school I had gone through many of the small to mid sized AR and Infinity book shelf speakers and after my first year in college bought my JSE 1.0's that are still sitting in the spare bedroom. I even added a pair of JSE 1.8's just a few years ago, which are also sitting in the extra bedroom.

Maybe I should sell them off..... along with the other audio gear I have, maybe I should keep it for posterity (what ever that truly means).....
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