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Default Re: Coaxial versus Toslink/Optical

Originally Posted by Merton View Post
Ken, since coax and fiber are both digital, they'll either work or won't work. I suppose if the coax signal level is low it could result in intermittent glitches, but not noise.
Not true, both have their own issues, jitter being among the largest, it isn't as simple as they work or not, they each add inherent problems to the signal, jitter is more a distortion of the digital signal than noise, though noise can also be an issue.

When choosing cables, each musty make their own decision, hopefully listen to their chooses in their own system and decide what is best for them and their ears. The cable issue is as old and debated as the chicken and the egg and each side has devout supporters at all levels so I won't start another cable discussion. If interested, their already is such a thread hotly going on at;

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