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Default Re: Coaxial versus Toslink/Optical

[QUOTE=kennyt;15063]I disagree, most audiophiles I know prefer coaxial to optical. Yes, coax can get RFI, but optical (Toslink) has it's own troubles to deal with, now if you hat AT&T glass, that is a different story, but no one is using it outside of the super high end market and it is even fading their. <snip>

Ken, since coax and fiber are both digital, they'll either work or won't work. I suppose if the coax signal level is low it could result in intermittent glitches, but not noise.

Last night I read some of the cable quality thread and must admit I'm in the "decent quality" camp. $ 200 3 foot HDMI, $ 200/ft speaker cable or $ 4k interconnects are all snake oil to me.

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