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Originally Posted by deacongreg View Post
Wow, a digital amp. Based on his previous design concepts, I would not think that Jeff Rowland would go the digital amp route. His amps had a huge and robust sound, but smooth as well with good bottom.

Hopefully the company is in good shape.

Companies like Rowland sell most of their gear overseas so that likely effects how well they are doing overall. With the horrific death of audiophile stores because of the rise of audiogon and their refusal to market - there simply aren't that many places to learn about cool gear like Jeff Rowland anymore. Moreover Rowland doesn't advertise anywhere that I can see. How can you woo new clients without advertising? Consumer demand is everything. Ask Ferrari. Ask Jimmy Choo. Even ask Vizio.

Rowland gear has historically sounded very good. A little dry but VERY accurate. The metal work was stunning. The kind of gear you DREAMED of owning. Really sexy.

Digital amps by no means are low-end. I have heard STELLAR digital amps. I would bet anything Rowland put out would be very very good.
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