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Smile Re: Favorite classic audio gear?

Believe it or not, my love for hi fidelity started with a Pioneer 4 channel/quad tape deck in a 1968 Pontiac Catalina convertible. Ok, I know what you're all thinking, is this guy insane, has he lost marbles? Hi fidelity from a format that had more hiss that a leaking tire valve, and in a convertible that was noisier than a wind tunnel. Well, it was actually the four channel separation that got me hooked. It was a pretty decent unit and as a teen it gave me lots of enjoyment and to this day I still possess it with all my quad tapes. But this simple system started me on the road to great sound and my first major system (classic) was the:

Carver CT-17 Pre/Pro
Carver TFM-45 Power Amp
Carver Cb-15
Technics SL-P2 CD Player
JVC QLY-66F Turntable w/Grado gold MM Cartridge
Polk 2.3 SDA

Although the Carvers have been packed away for the last 7 years, they will re-emerge when my new house is completed, with a dedicated listening room. Still in use are my SDA's and the QLY-66F. RIP is the Technics.
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