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Default Re: Favorite classic audio gear?

Read the posts about the DQ-10s and had to offer my comments. In the late 70's and early 80's I had two sets, stacked. Saw it done by Jon Dahlquist at a CES show. Mine were mirrored, with upgraded caps and wiring. Powered by a Yamaha B-1 power amp, Marantz 7 pre, Linn LP-12, Grace arm, ADC cartridge. Custom built subs using JBL 15" drivers, built with the telephone assistance of a JBL engineer. Powered the woofers with a HK Citation 16. That system could produce goosebumps.

The DQs without question had one of best soundstages. I loved them. They would play plenty loud and image like crazy, but didn't really come to life at low levels. I found though, that they weren't the last word in resolution, which is why I moved on. My system now is substantially better, but it can't match the memories generated in front of the DQs!

Classic gear I've owned and remember fondly:
Dahlquist DQ-10s
Marantz 7
Yamaha B-1
HK Citation 16
Linn LP-12
VTL mono 160's
Quicksilver Mini Mono's
Proac Response 3.5
Mirage 1S
ML Ascent-i
Anthem LS-1
Audio Research LS3
Audio Research LS16
Conrad Johnson PV2a
Decca Mark V
Keith Monks tone arm (with liquid mercury contacts!)
McCormack DNA-1
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