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Default Sony announces OLED breakthrough!

Sony also announced (at the SID conference) an OLED breakthrough in producing blues more efficiently (using less energy) which has been the biggest technical problem so far in producing larger panels. Using less energy to produce blues, presumably means the panels will last longer:

"Idemitsu and Sony today announced the achievement of 28.5% internal quantum efficiency (IQE) in deep blue fluorescent OLED devices, the world’s highest level of luminous efficiency for this technology. This ground-breaking development is a result of Idemitsu´s advanced OLED material technologies and Sony’s OLED device expertise. The use of Sony’s proprietary “Super Top Emission” OLED device technology has enabled blue color deepness exceeding NTSC standards to be achieved. With this technology significantly reducing the driving current of blue OLEDs, the most energy-intensive of the three primary RGB colors, it is expected to significantly reduce the power consumption of OLED panels, contributing to the future development of large-size OLED TVs."
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