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Default Re: Dispelling audio myths, the cable lie

Originally Posted by nedrudrelyt View Post
Well, I guess since Wes and bad_fish rely so much on mathematical equations there is just no need for the high end. Guess companies like Levinson, Krell, Mcintosh, Ayre, Dynaudio, Bryston, Meridian...etc just may as well pack 'er up and call 'er good. Basically they are saying that if a Levinson amp "specs" out the same as an amp/receiver costing 1/10th the price...why buy the Levinson? Math says it won't sound better. If Dynaudio can't build a better speaker than Polk because the math don't say so why buy Dynaudio? It appears that alot of companies will be out of business soon due to "math". Again, the math/science angle is such a cop out. Stop using it as an excuse to cheap out on your systems.

Cables are really no different than the components in your system but to a lesser extent and are VERY relative to the equipment you use. Whether that's an $800 "discrete" receiver or whatever...

Why not go a step further? Why don't you guys use 18g bare wire for your system? I'll bet there is 18g out there somewhere that "specs" out the same as your cheap Canare or Bettercables...

Oh're not "bias" use your ears please.

That's a complete red herring arguement. Even two amps from the same manufacturer won't spec out the same. You are talking about the difference between a piece of shielded wire and hundreds of electronic components on a circuit board connected together to reproduce sound. Just because two blank pieces of paper are capable of displaying the same information doesn't mean that every book in the world is the same. Paper carries the message, just like wire. The printer actually makes the book, just like components. Don't assume that because I understand the differences in cables that I am trying to "cheap out" on my system. I just understand where the cost is justified.
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