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Default Re: System Advice, Please? Never Thought I'd Ask For Easy Listening, But

4308, there is no 4808.

You would have a solid receiver, but it is going to cut into your budget quite a bit, but later down the road when you add a BLu-ray player, this unit does everything you could want so in the long run it might not be a bad idea, it will work with your PC's allowing you to stream music from them, and I believe if it is like the AVP-A1HDCI I am currently reviewing, will also allow Rhapsody and internet radio streaming, but I am not positive of that.

Also look into the Onkyo TX-NR905 if you're expanding the budget some, it is $2,099 retail, so a bit less than the Denon you are looking at and it does the same things, except would require a wired network, it's a really nice unit.

Remember you still need speakers.....
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