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Default Re: System Advice, Please? Never Thought I'd Ask For Easy Listening, But

Thanks very much, K & C, for your kindness and empathetic bedside manner. I was quite apprehensive about posting here, in fear of being flamed for my obvious knowledge deficit. I truly appreciate the advice.

Since I posted, I have been looking at the Denon 4808CI. Ok, granted, it's a bit pricier than I wanted to invest initially, but, I'm really having to ask myself if it's wise for me to buy a receiver that isn't Wi-fi capable, when that is reallt what I want. I see your recommendations for the Airport and Olive, and, clearly, it would be less expensive to add one of these, rather than the 4808CI.

So, is the difference in cost worth it? Would there be any difference in quality, and ease of use? It doesn't take Columbo to figure out that I'm not technological genius, so, would it make my life significantly easier to go for everything in one receiver or not? I have 3 pcs on my network.

And, yes, Kenny, I can't wait to see PJ again. Caught them out in Denver with Tom Petty 2 years ago, and it was beyond sublime. I walked 2 feet off the ground for days. Course, I have more pics of EV displayed around the house, than I do of my kids...
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