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Default Re: System Advice, Please? Never Thought I'd Ask For Easy Listening, But

Hey Kristen!
It's great that you've recognized your disorder and are taking steps to resolve it! The remedy I suggest would be:

Speakers - NHT Classic 4 - $1000 at (or $850 for demo) (edit-oops that's $999 EACH for new. The $850 for demo is correct and a steal.)
Receiver - Onkyo TX-SR805 - $700 at Amazon
Network Music Player- Olive Symphony No 2 - $600 from Olive
DVD - Oppo DV-983H - $400 from Oppo
Various cables from Impact Acoustics or BlueJeans Cable

This combo would cure all your ailments for probably a hair less than $3000. You'll have to use one of your laptops for a music server, but you can also control the Olive from your laptop. The receiver is 7.1, so you can use two channels for the outdoor speakers and still have enough channels for 5.1 surround. The speakers are serious floorstanders. All this may not get you to heaven, but it will be a lot closer.

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