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Default Re: Pairing Amps with Speakers

Originally Posted by CharlyD View Post
It sounds as though you are purchasing this system to get decent quality now but with intent to replace everything as your economics improve.
That exactly describes my state of mind. I want to get something to begin with, and not spend months without having a system. Though I can spend a little more right away, it gets easier to sneak in pieces one by one to your home given the wife factor :-)
I am not sure who houses a NAD here in Delhi. There is one in Mumbai(Bombay) - will try to find out.
I am thinking of getting one system in my current smaller room. Even the cheapest onkyo 3100 htib costs $500. HK 132 + JBL 260.5 speakers cost $1000+. Plan to add larger front speakers to this setup, a center channel, and then when HDMI/ TrueHD etc is available in India at decent price range, then upgrade the processor. One alternate set of speakers I am considering are Klipsch Reference RF82 front standing, as an alternate to JBLs. Not sure about their availability either - but should be there as onkyo has a strong presence here in Delhi - while Onkyo is distributing klipsch in India. Either of these speaker sets (5.1) would cost around $4000-$5000 in India.
The other plan could be buy an entry level now, and then buy the processor first, and then the speaker system. But I think speaker costs are not going down soon - as there isn't much expected to change technologically. Except maybe bluetooth connectivity.

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