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Default Re: This top 100 band list is BOGUS - RUSH lower than STP?

I also played those instruments in school, and more. My Senator (Patrick Leahy) agrees with me that music should never be cut from the budget. I would not want to be the one who has to live with that task.Thank God my daughter has shown an interest in guitar and piano, I'll give her my clarinet if she wants it.
Younger people have a harder time appreciating good music because they are so far removed from it, they are force fed whatever is on the radio, and that's mostly S***, they never get exposure to the good stuff unless we pull out the vinyl or you were lucky enough to find it on cd. There is no more anticipation of when an album comes out and you rush to the store to get it, so you can go home and listen to it hundreds of times, tick off your parents, and pore over the liner notes until you know them by heart. They're plugged into iPods, they don't even listen to music with their friends anymore, there's no more interaction. Many a band was formed by a group of kids sitting around someone's bedroom listening to Led Zepplin saying"I want to do that!"

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This is just great. Someone who shares my sentiments exactly. And I`ve been saying this and feeling this way for a while. How many people do you know, go home from work, take a shower, eat, spend some time with the wife and kids, then either get their pair of high end cans, or sit down in front of their equipment, turn the lights low, maybe a candle, and get excited about listening to music, for musics sake? No one.

And yes, I also believe that the music/av industry and technology have definitely contributed to the sign of these times. No one really enjoys music for music sake anymore.

The one exception would be, if your kids played an instrument young in school, its said they appreciate music, a lot more. Outside of that, what do we have? And as you know, you always here that the boards of ed are always trying to cut music out to save a few dollars. I played clarinet, alto and tenor sax growing up. I still have my tenor!! And I understand what you say about music with vocals, but there is a lot of great instrumental jazz, fusion, (Do I hear Weather Report, HeadHunters by Herbie Han****) out there. All, which should be given, in my opinion, the AIX or DVD - A/SACD treatment. is offline   Reply With Quote