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Default Re: Pairing Amps with Speakers

It sounds as though you are purchasing this system to get decent quality now but with intent to replace everything as your economics improve. With that model, you can expect to be making some compromises. The Onkyo has quite a bit more power, but is rated with a minimum speaker impedance of 6 ohms. It will probably play louder than the HK, but you may encounter problems such as overheating. The HK will likely sound better at low levels but probably does not have sufficient power to get you close to realistic levels for movie soundtracks. If I were in your situation, I'd wait until my situation was better or buy something cheap to get me by. On the other hand, I noticed some very good NAD receivers (T-744, T-754) for sale (half price!) here in the states. I'm guessing the price is so low because HDMI and the new surround codecs are not supported. Either of these receivers would drive your JLB's quite well and could be used with an external processor in the future.
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