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Default Re: Legendary Bowers & Wilkins Premium Sound System Standard in 2009 Jaguar XKR Portf

I knew I remembered cars and paint from somewhere.

From the Nautilus Brochure:

The same attention to detail has been
applied to the finish for the Nautilus™ shell.
B&W’s paint and lacquer system is imported
directly from Germany, where it is supplied only
to the leading names in the luxury car industry,
such as Porsche and Mercedes Benz. To ensure
the best possible result for B&W, advisers from
the paint manufacturer formulated a special
baking and curing process, unique to the

Needless to say, perfectionism of this kind
means that making a Nautilus™ cabinet is a slow
and painstaking process – it takes nine days,
including curing time, to make just
one shell.

The Nautilus™ shell is all handmade,
except for two parts:
the internal spiral which sits
inside the shell’s gleaming
exterior and a dual-purpose
bolt, which anchors the shell
to its plinth and provides a conduit
for wiring from the power

Following pages: a skilled paint
finisher applies a final coat of
lacquer to the Nautilus™ shell.
Twelve different applications
containing aluminium and mica
particles give the Nautilus™ its
stunning finish.
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