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Default Re: Target To Push Blu-ray Players This Fall

I had to put HD DVD and Blu-ray to the test for myself. I rented a Sony PS3 from rent a center for two weeks and I own the 360 and bought the HD DVD player for $200.00

There is no night or day difference between both formats at all. Some but not all of the menus are laid out a bit different. The picture and sound quality are both the same.

While both HD DVD and Blu-ray stay at war I will continue to rent all my HD content from Netflix which carries all titlles for only $20.00 a month so I don't get caught up in having a product that could easly be gone or outdated sometime in the future.

Why buy something that could hold no value in the future?

Just so you all know XBOX LIVE will have TV broadcast in HD very soon! Also many titles can be downloaded in HD even titles that you can only buy on Blu-ray disc to date.
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