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Cool Re: Next Gen, HDMI 1.3 Receivers Slow To Market – Do You Really Need Them?

Originally Posted by deacongreg View Post
Listen, here is the bottom line for now. The high end or esoteric companies, for whatever reason, can not keep up fully right now. There is always some compromise to deal with. However, the Integra and Denon, with the Marantz units coming out this summer, are ready to go now. The Integra is a proven winner, and early reports on the Denon`s seem to confirm the same. So, if you want full capability now, that is your avenue. The Integra and Denon`s are very good products, and will not break your bank. But, if your waiting for the higher end companies, you might be waiting until................ As far as upgrading your Rotel, with no HDMI, I don`t know if I would go that route. The Integra is is not much more than the 900.00 you want to invest.
I am seriously thinking about that burning a $1000 and wait a year until Classé has the SSP-800 with all new codec
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