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Default Re: Legendary Bowers & Wilkins Premium Sound System Standard in 2009 Jaguar XKR Portf

Originally Posted by rlpiii View Post
It's sad to see that Bose seeped into a Ferrari. The guy at Ferrari that let this happen should be fired!
I could not agree more how unsain is that a $250K car with a piece of junk from Bose!!!!

Here is what one would expect: Mark Levinson and Lexus - LS600h L $104,000 - Mark Levinson has created a discrete 5.1 surround system reproduced through a 7.1 array of speakers that is perfectly mated to the acoustics of the Lexus LS series, a total of 19 speakers powered by 15 bridged amplifier channels, outputting some 450 watts make sure all those speakers have the juice they need to perform at their best. The system can play DVD-Video as well as DVD-Audio in DTS or native 5.1. MP3 and WMA are also supported. There is even an internal hard drive for loading your favorite music. Three-way front and side speakers, as well as two-way surrounds and a dedicated subwoofer, insure all the sound you could ever want.

Now thst is who Ferrarri should have partnered with, or at least Sonus Faber same country!!!
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