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Default Re: Next Gen, HDMI 1.3 Receivers Slow To Market Do You Really Need Them?

Originally Posted by i30krab View Post
This pre-pro subject is driving me crazy as well. I talked to Doug at ASi mods and he said for about $900.00 he can upgrade my older Rotel 1066 pre-pro to sound better than the onkyo pro units. Of course there's no HDMI output but I really don't care. because only audio goes through my processor and the video goes from my modified Oppo 983 direct to my Pioneer kuro. As we all know most professional installers still use component cables because HDMI cables cause them way too many return visits due to loose connections and handshake problems.

The only future addition I plan is a good BluRay player so an upgraded Rotel should be good for a few years until all the smoke clears.

Does anyone see any obvious faults in my thinking other than wanting the latest and greatest which unfortunately seems to be the most frustrating and expensive way to proceed?
Listen, here is the bottom line for now. The high end or esoteric companies, for whatever reason, can not keep up fully right now. There is always some compromise to deal with.
However, the Integra and Denon, with the Marantz units coming out this summer, are ready to go now. The Integra is a proven winner, and early reports on the Denon`s seem to confirm the same. So, if you want full capability now, that is your avenue. The Integra and Denon`s are very good products, and will not break your bank.

But, if your waiting for the higher end companies, you might be waiting until................

As far as uprading your Rotel, with no HDMI, I don`t know if I would go that route. The Integra is is not much more than the 900.00 you want to invest.
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