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Originally Posted by Kevin Miller View Post
Hi Moose,

We don;t claim perfection with our recommendations as everyone's system is different and those variables absolutely make a difference. That is the real reason for in home professional calibration. I think you are right about your lamp though. Frankly, I think it is amazing it still alive after 6000 hours. Why have you waited so long to change it?
The actual time on the bulb is 5789 hours as of last weekend, I finally got brave enough to go into the service menu to check the hours.
I have an extended warranty that covers the bulbs but I doubt they will replace it while it still works though.
I do have the spare bulb that came with the set but at $300 a pop I'm making the warranty replace them before I use my bulb!!
I don't know how many hours most are getting on their bulbs but I should be getting a warning soon to replace the bulb.

I have the Blu-Ray versions of DVE & HQV as well as the THX glasses & Blu-Ray calibration program on Terminator 2 & I'll play with them now & again after a bulb change.
After the bulb change I'll probably go ahead & get an ISF calibration since I know the life span of the bulb looks good.
If my dealer hasn't gotten the correct equipment yet I'll ask him to recommend a calibrator.

A quick question to you Kevin,
I know each input should be calibrated but since I run everything through my 3808ci & only have 1 HDMI going from the receiver to the set itself how will that effect my calibration?
Should I have it calibrated using the DirecTV box (720p & 1080i) or use the Blu-Ray player (1080p) to get the best results from all my inputs?
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