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Default Re: Dispelling audio myths, the cable lie

Originally Posted by nedrudrelyt View Post
all things digital have been eternally demonized by many audiophiles. Apparently, you are one of them.

Actually, I am kind of the reverse from this statement. I jumped on the SACD bandwagon hoping like hell it would surpass analog in many different ways but I just don't think it is there yet...multichannel or otherwise. One has to remember the resurgance of vinyl recently isn't just about high prices and money, there have been strides in the analog world, just like digital, that have made the format sound better over time. SACD and Blu Ray still have time to get their collective crap together and maybe, just maybe , might offer something in terms of better fidelity over analog but...hard to say. I went back to vinyl because I felt from a fidelity standpoint, it still had more to offer than the "high res" digital formats. Sure there is some extra "ambiance" on alot of the high res multichannel recordings but again...the standard of recording comes into play here. One guy wants to use 25 mics and downmix to guy wants to use 7 mics and downmix to 5...sample rates...converters...40 microphones down to 7.1...blah, blah ,blah. There is NO standard for multichannel recordings. It's a free for all and my ears tell me that the best I have heard multichannel try to "get" concert hall sound...still falls short of the best I have heard in plain ol' two channel analog. I'm not trying to come across as the arrogant audiophile...I really hope someday there is a digital format that can surpass good analog.

Wasn't this a cable forum?? Sorry all...done with the analog/digital thing...
Well, I am sorry that you have had so many problems with SACD. I am positively delighted by it. There may have been many equipment choice and recording choice issues that could account for your negative experience. I have only been a multichannel SACD guy for 6 months, and my experience was instantly and overwhelmingly positive and has remained so with many different recordings on different labels.

I understand that there may be some 600 watt behemoths that do not sound all that terrific. Maybe there is a 14 watt SET somewhere that sounds really great too, but I have not heard it. I have quite a few audiophile friends who have been enamored with SET's, and every time I have heard then demo one that they thought sounded terrific, I have had to shrug my shoulders in non-enthusiasm. The noise, distortion and lack of dynamic range are always too obvious for me to overlook even through the best of efficient horns.

Certainly, there is a romance in vinyl, SET's, etc. I go back about 50 years as an audiophile and I have pretty much gone through it all. It's kind of like seeing a black/white photograph or movie. The performances can be utterly unmatchable for and can sound deeply affecting, nostalgic, etc., but to my ears give me hi-rez multichannel any day for closeness to the sound and musical experience of the original.
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