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Default Check out Bryston's "hand built" CD player

Peterborough, Ontario August, 2007 —Bryston has announced the introduction of an audiophile Redbook CD player called the BCD-1. The design emphasis of the BCD-1 has been placed on exceptional build quality and outstanding sonic performance using fully discrete Class-A analog circuitry and a 192K/24Bit Crystal DAC. "We decided to build a REDBOOK-only CD player and I can hardly believe the response—customers are calling to tell me that the BCD-1 is the best sounding CD player they have ever heard," commented Bryston's James Tanner. I think it also indicates that consumers are tired of uncertain new formats and just want a state of the art player for the thousands of CD's they already own."

Digital design: Within the digital domain, bit timing errors (called jitter) have been eliminated by perfectly synchronizing the player’s master clock and drive. The Crystal CS4398 DAC is an advanced generation chip using a combination of several different conversion methods to optimize the processing. Each premium DAC boasts dedicated power supplies—a separate, closely regulated and filtered digital power supply as well as a heavily regulated and filtered analog power supply with carefully routed electrical grounds. Finally, careful trace routing throughout the complete circuit architecture of the BCD-1 eliminates potential noise via capacitive coupling, which delivers those critical extra dB’s of noise and distortion reduction marking only the most outstanding equipment.

Discreet advantages: The Bryston BCD-1 CD Player uses discreet operational amplifiers after the DAC instead of the commonly used integrated circuits. The use of discrete devices enables Bryston engineers to exactly match the needs of the DAC and allow for a more robust output than IC-based amplifiers. The use of discrete devices also allows Bryston to select components with carefully matched input and output impedances based on specific in-circuit requirements.

Hand assembled with care: The BCD-1, like all Bryston products, is hand assembled and individually tested before leaving the factory. The BCD-1 is backed by a three year parts and labor warranty and has a US MSRP of $2395.00. (now shipping!!)


• Redbook CD and CDR playback

• Fully Discrete Bryston Class A analog output stage

• Crystal 192k/24bit DAC

• Over-sampling is 128 times

• Independent Analog and Digital power supplies

• Balanced XLR and Unbalanced RCA Stereo outputs.

• Transformer coupled SPDIF and AES EBU Digital outputs

• Optical output

• RS-232 software upgrade

• Remote 12 Volt Trigger

• Full function IR remote control

• CD remote operates other Bryston products volume up/down/mute

• Cosmetically matches C-Series BP26/MPS2


• Frequency Response - 20 Hz - 20 KHz - .2 DB

• Signal to Noise - 115 DB (un-weighted)

• THD plus Noise - .002%

• Jitter is - Negligible (below the residual of the Audio precision AP2700 test gear)

• Output Level - 2.3V Unbalanced - 4.6V Balanced

• Shipping Weight - 18 Lbs / 8.2 Kg

• Dimensions - 17 or 19 w / 11.25 d / 3.125 h inches

43.2 or 48.3 w / 28.6 d / 7.9 h cm
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