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Default Re: Dispelling audio myths, the cable lie

Originally Posted by nedrudrelyt View Post
Excellent posts by dndrussi and starvinmarvin...use your ears.

PHD's, engineers, 1's and 0's...whatever. The proof is in the listening itself. Why does a 14w SET amp have the ability to sound better than a 600w solid state behemoth? Why does vinyl still sound better than CD/SACD/Blu Ray after all these years? Do these numbers "spec" out better?

Listen...can you hear it?
No, I can't hear that vinyl is better than hi-rez digital (SACD or DVD-a) at all, particularly in multichannel as opposed to 2-channel. I am not throwing away my very large record collection built myself since the 1950's, but my experience with the hi-rez formats over the last 6 months is that they are most definitely far, far better than vinyl or Redbook CD. It's not even close. My system could be better(cost around $50K before multichannel) but it is no slouch, believe me.

As between Redbook CD and vinyl, to be honest, I have some LP's that sound great and many that do not. I also have many CD's that are not so hot. For me it's a close call between vinyl and Redbook. I do believe that the typical CD in my also very large collection is of greater realism than the typical LP, while the best LP's sound fantastic.

Sorry, but this is what my ears tell me. Have you tried multichannel SACD or DVD-A in your own system?

My bottom line on wires: they do make a difference, but that difference is greatly exagerated, especially as to price. And we still do not know whether that difference is just L-R-C at work or some other magic, because most manufacturers and all the high end magazines do not publish the measured electrical values. So, it's more or less a random system matching game.

I recently had a fabulous experience in my system in trying to find a bargain in 10 meter balanced interconnects for my side/rear channels. I chose' s interconnect with great results. In fact when I tried it on my front amp/preamp connection in place of my 2 meter Cardas Golden Cross (top of the line pre-Golden Reference), I thought the $270/pair for 10 meters stuff sounded better. I thought I would try the bettercables wire because it has a phenominally low capacitance spec, and it turn out it sounds great, too.
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