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Default Re: Blu-ray player sales are falling!

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
While I must agree that Blu-ray kind of screwed themselves with all the version changes, I really don't think you really need a 2.0 player.

Sure, you'll have the internet connectivity, and maybe more extras, but all I want, and most every one I know too, is a great picture and ease of use. Neither me nor my friends watch the 'extras' on discs, we watch the movie and pop it out, so I don't care if my player does anything but put out a great picture and bitstream for all the audio codecs.
It's also about audio upgrades as per the follwing reTS-HD Master:
>>Of course, you donít have to wait to get full functionality Ö if youíre willing to embrace a gaming console as your Blu-ray source. The PlayStation 3 has always had the necessary hardware and Ethernet port for PIP and BD-Live, but the features needed to be enabled via a firmware upgrade. The Profile 1.1 upgrade came late last year, and the much-anticipated Profile 2.0 upgrade arrived last month, making the PlayStation 3 the only Profile 2.0 player currently on the market. In other PlayStation 3 news, Sony is also adding DTS-HD Master Audio decoding to the console via an April firmware upgrade.<<<
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