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Default Re: Dispelling audio myths, the cable lie

I lived in a similar world as the engineer who claims there's no difference in cables. I'm a electronics technician and have done all the bench tests. True with a scope, spectrum analyzer, SPL meter etc you don't 'SEE' the difference. Thank God our ears are quite a bit different as far as sonic response goes. I was a myth believer until some knowledgeable salesman asked me to try a set of Quest interlink. The difference was astounding. Needless to say I converted all my interlink cables including guitar, keyboard, multitrack recorder, etc using Monster Interlink 400. All one has to do is A/B tests. The same goes for speaker cables. If you can't hear the difference then don't waste your money on audiophile equipment. Don't feel bad though, you'll be in the 99.9% who can't hear any difference. For us poor sods who can . . . we are willing to spend the extra, for the extra performance.
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