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Default Re: Dispelling audio myths, the cable lie

My first system was $6000 and I connected it all together with a grand total of about $200 bucks of what I was told was "worthy" wire...not good. I switched to an entry level MIT design and could not physically believe the increase in sound quality. Sometimes, it's about how much of the analog signal actually makes it to the speakers and the ability of the wire to allow "most" of the full signal through. There has to be something to the millions of R&D that goes into some of these designs.

But I also think audiophiles should have a quick peek inside their components too. This can help gauge how much one could need to spend on wire. I've had a few components in the past where the soldering and wire running to the RCA and Balanced outs are so poor, there would be no real need to go crazy on cable. But there are quite a few higher end companies that hard wire their RCA and Balanced outs to the circuit board and I believe this to be beneficial to applying a better cable to the system.
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