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Default Re: Dispelling audio myths, the cable lie

Please do not misquote me. I do not believe in exotic cables such as "Jade audio Vermeil gold speaker cable New Retail $2900.00"

Any speaker wire over $20.00/linear ft (not including ends) is getting into "silly money" territory. I personally have been involved in a double blind test and could not hear the difference between the cables I have and cables costing up to 150% more. My ears are perfectly fine; I can hear better than most people I know, with the exception of a friend of mine that is a concert pianist with perfect pitch.

If you are willing to spend $2900 on a set of cables, like I said go for it; I never will. I would much rather spend that money on better speakers.

By the way have you ever popped the top off some of your electronics and looked inside? Most of the wiring is not even copper (unless you are paying big dollars).
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