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Default Re: Dispelling audio myths, the cable lie

Go to Blue Jeans Cable and get either Canare wire and connectors (which are very good) or the Blue Jean Belkin wire. Belkin makes the wire for most wire "manufacturers", they just have different jackets put on. The engineers at Belkin know more about wire than the 10 most astute audiophiles in the world.

There are only three important measurements on analog cable--inductance, capacitance, and resistance. If a manufacturer won't supply you with that information they are snake oil salespeople. Any good RF shielding on analog cabling is easily bought already on the wire from any reputable source.

The day one of these "exotic" cable manufacturers submits to a double blind ABX test and provesd his/her wire passes a cleaner signal is the day I'll buy loads of their cable.

I am not saying that different wire may not sound better TO YOU, but that is undoubtedly because of one of two reasons. 1) It is cable with poor measurements and you happen to like that clipped response because to your ears it sounds smoother. 2) You had inadequate gauge cable before connected to your speakers. 3) The human psyche--for reasons of its own (basically ego and self-worth), usually must justify to the purchaser that the expensive wire must sound better, or since I just bought it I definitely hear more from the music and the soundsatge is wider.

Your room acoustics (with room treatments when usually necessary), very good speakers, a great automatic or manual parametric equalization system, and an amp section that never clips (or almost never clips) for your speakers, and obiously great clean source material---are all so far ahead of wire choice that it benumbs the mind.

The human ear has evolved over millenia to mostly be sensitive to direction, distance, location (why we have stereo ears) and certain frequencies (such as a baby crying or the growl of a predator). It wasn't designed to enjoy music, although that is a wonderful side benefit.

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